Ardingly Reservoir with kids – Roll, Spot, Pick adventure

Ardingly Reservoir with kids adventure

This month – early September – the kids went on a roll, spot, pick adventure at Ardingly Reservoir in West Sussex. After a recent outing taking photos of the wild flowers at this nature reserve, I put together a spotter sheet for a return visit with my twins. Rolling at Ardingly Reservoir But…as soon as they were… Read More

Ardingly Reservoir – Late Summer Wildness

Great Willowherb

I looked up in shock when a dog suddenly ran up to me and its shouting owner directly behind it as I lay on the grass by Ardingly Reservoir. Are you okay? the woman asked. Sorry? I replied. I thought something had happened to you as you were lying so still and for so long,… Read More

Siblings – Twins – September

Twins Luce Theo sitting

A quiet moment in our home. My twins Luce and Theo sitting together watching television. They’re aware of each other but ignore me. Theo glances at Luce. What is he thinking? I wonder. Maybe about doing ‘nothing’ together. …”But what I like doing best is Nothing.”  “How do you do Nothing?” asked Pooh, after he… Read More

Silent Sunday 51

flying grey heron jet flying

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Photo Journal – Stillness and Motion

leap statue pose first day school

I noticed that a recurrent theme in my photo journal this week was stillness and motion. For personal reasons it was a week alternating between silent contemplation and distracting myself by keeping busy. My children’s first day of school was on Friday and so in the lead up to it we were very active. We visited the… Read More

Quartet of Geese

four domestic white geese

Last week I encountered a rather noisy quartet of geese while my daughter had a riding lesson. It wasn’t a gaggle as apparently you need five geese on the ground to call them this. This honking quartet of domestic white geese were quite a contrast to the quiet goslings with mother goose I watched earlier… Read More

Rabbit haven

Rabbit haven

It’s a veritable rabbit haven where we live. I watch them daily nibbling in the grass but if anything startles them, they flee to their burrows in the shadow of the trees. As the proverb says ‘If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.’   Linking up with the Black & White Photograph… Read More

Photo Journal – Old Country

Cat looking out barn door

This was a week where I caught glimpses of what I call ‘old country.’ It’s the 35th week of 2014 but as I drove through country villages and walked past ancient walls I sometimes felt like I had wandered back in time. As you often do in Britain. Such as noticing this 17th century manor in… Read More

Pony roll

why does a pony roll?

Why does a pony roll? My daughter asked me. She just had her first riding lesson. The pony she had ridden had been untacked and let free in a field with other ponies.  Soon we watched Smartie rolling from side to side on the ground. Not surprising, I explained, as the pony might have felt… Read More