The week that was in photos

forsyth park walkway

Hi! Earlier this week I flew down to Savannah with my kids. But it’s been rather strange looking back at this week’s photos. I kept finding a similar subject or theme but a complete contrast depending if I had shot the image in the Hamptons, New York or Savannah, Georgia. Last Sunday we were in… Read More

Back in Savannah with kids.

savannah kids

I was back in Savannah with kids and I knew where to take them the first morning. As I hummed to myself “Georgia on my mind,” we crossed garden squares. And wandered pass historical homes and stepped on flower petals on the ground. There’s just something about Savannah, Georgia… And soon we had reached our destination:… Read More

The week that was in photos

luce portrait bw

Hi! This week’s photos focuses on my children and the outdoors. Unlike UK, the Easter break is short here so it’s still school as usual. But we still try to go for a nature walk once or twice a week. I adore this shot of Luce (above) in black and white in the secret sandpit. Although… Read More

Sammy’s Beach Preserve

creeks water meadows three mile harbor

Not far from Sammy’s Beach Preserve, I had to stop the car to let wild turkeys cross the road. Soon Sammy’s Beach Road led us to a coastal sand spit which is now a nature preserve. We followed a footpath, overgrown in parts with marsh plants. And wandered near tidal creeks and salt ponds known… Read More

Siblings April

running sandpit

Luce and Theo called it the secret of the sandpit. A place of their own. Like a private beach with no water but a perfect setting for sand angels. But they saw different treasures within it. Theo searched for rocks. Luce wanted a beautiful shell. As twins they always have each other’s company but they… Read More

Mungo and the Dinosaur Island

stegosaurus alive childrens book

One of our favourite children’s books about dinosaurs is Mungo and the Dinosaur Island. Why? There are baddies in it – and that’s not the dinosaurs, not even T-Rex. No, they’re Scarface Sam and his gang hunting for the ‘Utterly Flutterly Butterfly.’ The book comes alive. The dinosaurs come running out of the book into… Read More

Google Plus Hopscotch April


Whether you’re new or active on Google Plus, welcome aboard the Google Plus Hopscotch April! Today is the #googleplushopscotch premiere! It will take place the first Monday of every month. The aim of the hopscotch is for you to enjoy, meet and find other bloggers on Google Plus, learn the G+ etiquette rules while giving exposure… Read More

What is it about Mr Darcy? (Free printable cards)

mr darcy free printable cards

One of Britain’s top sex symbols is over 200 years old. Mr Darcy was 28 years old when he appeared in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (1775-1817). The book was originally published in 1813 but he’s still a heartthrob today. I loved how Elizabeth Bennet dealt with Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy in the novel set… Read More

The week that was in Photos

squirrel standing seeds

Hi! Surprisingly there are no circles in the week that was in photos! I guess it’s been the focus in my mind, and not on the camera, as I’ve been writing Google+ guides ahead of Monday’s linky. Of course, the week started off with a special treat – a mother’s day lunch. Fish and chips… Read More