Birds on a wire

birds landing on wire

  I wondered about the origin of the phrase ‘a bird on a wire’ or ‘birds on a wire’ but couldn’t find an answer. Some believe that the expression comes from Leonard Cohen’s song: Like a bird on a wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way to be free Or maybe it’s… Read More

The ripening garden

sun rays on apple

Along paths covered in wild bramble, in the back of our cottage, in a nearby walled garden or by a village school ripening fruit appears. It’s July so they’ve not reached their peak of perfection or maturity. Spider webs grow alongside them as they ripen in the rays of the summer sun. From the lines of… Read More

The week that was in photos (nature and catch-up)

pony country lane

Hi! Back in England but still my focus is on the outdoors and nature. I’ll also include some photos from the first half of July as catch-up. Flowers blooming by window of 15th century Wealden hall house, known as the Priest House, in West Sussex. Pub lunch on Friday to celebrate after I had some great news…. Read More

In the shade of an ancient and a giant

in the shade giant english oak and giant redwood

Not often can you go on a walk and encounter an ancient oak tree and a giant redwood. But we did. Our magical tree tour started through an arch covered in roses. First we found huge rhododendrons curling and twisting through the dappled shade. And then around a path and through an arc of shrubs,… Read More

Natural beauty of an English garden

Sunlight through pink rose

There’s something about the natural beauty of an English garden… Since my return from the US, often I find calm and peace by wandering around a private garden in the English countryside – with camera in hand – and exploring all its areas. Even with touches of formality there’s a wildness and naturalness to the… Read More

Just a walk in the woods

Walking through English woods

We went for a walk in the woods. A late afternoon after school – just the kids and me. We were back in England and no longer in the Hamptons in the US of A. A pond marked the entrance to the woods. A lone Water Lily standing proud in the water’s reflections. The sunlight… Read More

The week that was in photos – 26

osprey yachts sag harbor

Hi! What a week! Lots of goodbyes and then hellos as we moved from the Hamptons, US, to the British countryside. I had so many projects I wanted to do before I left but simply no time. Now if only I had a week just to sleep and recover. Luce in contemplative mood after she… Read More

The week that was in photos – 25 + 24

duck crossing scooters

Hi! Lots of nature’s creatures have been making an appearance this past week – as you’ll see in my photos. But we’re still waiting for ducklings to cross the street and head to Otter Pond. We also saw a rather fabulous classic car on Sunday with dog and surfboard. My kids were fascinated with sand crabs… Read More

Long Beach for kids

Long Beach Sag Harbor Hamptons

If you asked my children which is their favorite beach in the Hamptons, their reply would probably be Long Beach. Why? Seashells and sunsets. It’s a mile long strip on a bay shore near Sag Harbor, commonly known as Long Beach and officially as the Foster Memorial Beach. Would you like to go to Long Beach? I asked… Read More