Blooming and fallen

fallen fuschia flowers

Outside our kitchen door is a scene of Autumn contrasts – blooming and fallen flowers.  We have a Fuschia ‘Genii’ shrub which is covered with vibrant cerise and purple flowers. It has been flourishing and growing ever since the summer. But some of the flowers have fallen. I haven’t cleared them up as they have… Read More

The Shetland Pony

shetland pony 1

Black and white photo of a Shetland Pony. For more black and white photography follow me on Instagram. Linking up with the #Black & White Photography Project.   You might also enjoy… Pony roll Black and White Horses The Riding Lesson

What colour deer?

deer field

Driving up a dirt country lane earlier this week, we stopped the car when we saw a field full of fallow deer. After a recent wildlife spotter adventure to observe and find out more about deer, my children were especially excited to see all the varieties of colours in this wild herd of fallow deer. We spotted dappled, light beige and dark… Read More

The Riding Lesson

the riding lesson

The Riding Lesson Black & White Photography Project You might also enjoy… Black and White Horses Rabbit haven Quartet of Geese

Wildlife spotter adventure: British carnivore mammals

polecat british carnivore mammal

What surprised me the most when I began wildlife spotter adventures with my children is that there are not a lot of native British mammals – particularly carnivores. This is mainly due to Britain becoming an island around 8,000 years ago not long after the end of the last Ice Age. Many species as a… Read More

Little Red Coat in the Autumn Rain

Little red coat and manor

A story in photos only of Little Red Coat in the Autumn rain. What do you think is the story? ( And fyi I’ve finally joined Instagram – please join me) Joining in with the Alphabet Project – w is for wet…which definitely sums up our Autumn weather this week in England. You might also enjoy… Autumn Mist… Read More

Siblings – Twins – October

Luce Theo twins

When Luce and Theo were babies in a stroller, people would often stop me and say, ‘Aah twins!’ Two pairs of big blue eyes would then focus intently on this stranger in response. They wouldn’t laugh nor cry. They’d just gaze in silence until the stranger walked away. They still like to use the double stare… Read More

Black and White Horses

Horses nuzzling bw photo

  I watched last week two horses nuzzling in the field at the stables where my daughter is learning to ride. Then one came over and looked straight at me. Perhaps this black and white horse was disappointed that I had no carrots to offer. Or just wanted me to take a photo. I’m joining… Read More

Mushroom hunting with kids


As September to November is mushroom season, I recently went mushroom hunting with my kids. But…and this is a big ‘but’…we didn’t pick, touch or eat any of them. I’m no expert in mushroom or fungi. I know that mushrooms are all fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms. That’s about the extent of my… Read More