Rabbit haven

Rabbit haven

It’s a veritable rabbit haven where we live. I watch them daily nibbling in the grass but if anything startles them, they flee to their burrows in the shadow of the trees. As the proverb says ‘If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.’   Linking up with the Black & White Photograph… Read More

Photo Journal – Old Country

Cat looking out barn door

This was a week where I caught glimpses of what I call ‘old country.’ It’s the 35th week of 2014 but as I drove through country villages and walked past ancient walls I sometimes felt like I had wandered back in time. As you often do in Britain. Such as noticing this 17th century manor in… Read More

Pony roll

why does a pony roll?

Why does a pony roll? My daughter asked me. She just had her first riding lesson. The pony she had ridden had been untacked and let free in a field with other ponies.  Soon we watched Smartie rolling from side to side on the ground. Not surprising, I explained, as the pony might have felt… Read More

Photo Journal – Face Paint & Country Animals

Face paint and country dog

I know it’s perhaps a strange title combination for my weekly photo journal but last week certainly was all about face paint and country animals. For four days in running my daughter had her face painted at summer camp. She then refused to wash it off until bathtime. Unlike my son who only had face paint… Read More

Wildlife spotter adventure – Fallow Deer

fallow deer

Dawn and dusk are the best times to spot deer. It’s during the first morning light or when the sun ebbs in the evening that Fallow deer move out of their woodland cover to graze in nearby fields or grassland. Near where we live in West Sussex there’s an ideal area for deer spotting – we had seen… Read More

Orange in bloom

orange begonia flower

When you’re painting you mix red and yellow to make orange. Orange flowers always make me think of nature as an artist. Orange Begonia flowers. “Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” Wassily Kandinsky (Russian painter and art theorist) Crocosmia flowers. In my view a patio or a table or a garden border just seems happier… Read More

North Carolina Black Bear

North Carolina Black Bear face

How did I get so close to this black bear? In August last year we went on a road trip from the Northeast to the Southeast of the USA and stopped on the way at Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Appalachians.  The clouds had fallen down from the sky that day… Read More

What makes a perfect campfire dinner?

campfire burning

No extra layers or blankets were needed for our campfire evening. As dusk approached warm air still whispered through the leaves in the woods. The sun still shimmered across a neighbouring field as we arrived at the campfire site under a canopy of trees. The fire was lit and table set up. Sticks were piled up… Read More


bw photo cows

I kept driving by cows in a field on a lane leading to my home. Then I stopped and took some photos. Linking up with Podcast Dove.   You might also enjoy… Moments in time – black & white photography Flower light Siblings – Twins – June