James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

James Herriots Moses the Kitten

I smiled as I pulled out a large book from a box filled with children’s books once owned by my nephew and nieces. When I looked through the pages memories came streaming back of reading the books by this author when I was younger – All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise… Read More

Eyes wide shut

open and shut eyes on horses black white photo

Black and white photo of two horses – one with eyes wide open and the other with eyes wide shut. Linking up with the Black & White Photo Project. You might also enjoy… Black and White Horses The Shetland Pony Young Dog in Barn The Gate

Beyond the gate

sunset tree landscape sussex

There is a path I often walk along in West Sussex which has a view of the hills beyond a gate I pass. The range of hills in the farthest distance is the South Downs along the south-eastern coast of Sussex. Last week the sun was setting as I made this journey with my children.  I took… Read More

The Gate

sunset behind gate

Sun beginning to set on the Sussex hills behind the gate. And if you want to see what lies beyond the gate then head to my next post. Please join me on Instagram/KRISSMACD Linking to Podcast Dove’s Black & White Photo Project. You might also enjoy… Beyond the gate The Shetland Pony Young Dog in Barn Eyes… Read More

The chicken friend?

Theo and chicken friend

Theo now looks forward to his sister’s riding lessons. Why? He gets to spend time with his chicken friend at the stables. There are lots of chickens running around but this particular one is Theo’s friend. She actually stays still and lets Theo stroke her back. Every week. Or lets him carry her. And every time… Read More

Farming with the moon

cow in field

Look Mummy all the cows have horns, said Theo.  Yes Theo, all the cows here keep their horns, I answered. And someday they’ll be used to make cow horn manure to make the soil fertile. Look Mommy the calves are drinking milk, said Luce. (She still calls me Mommy rather than Mummy). Yes Luce, the… Read More

Colours in November? A visit to Wakehurst.

cyclamen amongst leaves

I found myself stopping and staring. I wasn’t expecting to see so many colours in November when I went  with my children this past weekend to visit the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place in West Sussex. Cyclamen splattered the ground with colour as we began walking down the path. And then I noticed that… Read More

Siblings – Twins – November

Luce Theo lying japanese maple leaves

I saw a Japanese maple in full Autumn glory. Fallen red leaves spread around it. Without a word to each other, Luce and Theo ran past me towards the tree. They saw a perfect climbing frame. But as they scrambled aboard the Japanese maple, they had to compete for the best path upwards. But soon they found… Read More

Young Dog in Barn

young dog in barn bw photo

Young dog in barn. This is a young dog who runs around the stables where my daughter is learning how to ride. He was wrapped this week in a sweatshirt because of the cold…he was a bit poorly…and because he’s a young dog. You can now find me on Instagram. (I finally joined up …and love it)… Read More