circles raindrops on waterLast weekend as I stood on a walkway over a swamp watching raindrops fall on the water, all I could see were circles. Rippling across the surface.

I guess that’s no surprise as my latest posts on Google Plus are about circles. Managing your circles. Organising your circles. Controlling your circles. Growing your circles.

I’ve even been dreaming about…them.

My life is also going in a circle as I plan our move back to Britain this summer. Which means I’ll soon be back in the circles of my old friends.

But, over here or over there, I’ll still be part of new circles that I’ve met, admired and who have welcomed me through blogging. Thank you.

On Monday I launch my first linky – the Google+ Hopscotch. But I didn’t just want it to be a link up on social media where we just follow each other and say goodbye at the same time.

Because of Google Plus I’ve discovered amazing people and blogs who write about and discuss children’s books. I listened to a hangout this week with Guy Kawasaki and Arianna Huffington. I’ve learnt who are the top G+ experts, social media stars and even photographers. I’ve been taken aback by how so many of them are helpful, insightful, and even have a sense of humour .

So I decided that I’d pass on the tips I’ve been learning from them in my linky.

Like, did you know ‘thank you’ is a big deal on Google Plus?

Which leads me to also wanting to thank Mammasaurus. Because of her tutorial this week I finally understood how to use Photoshop for an overlay as shown in this post’s image with a…yes, of course, circle! Until now I’ve been jumping back and forth between photoshop and other sources…which has been driving me barmy and making me run in (fill the blank!).

So please join me on Monday in the Google Plus Hopscotch. You can read here about it. I’ve included a whole section on Google Plus ‘etiquette.’ I’ve been worrying about what time to open it as I’m in the US now but will be in the UK in a few months. I’ll have to get some sleep otherwise I’ll get dark 000 under my eyes.

Now I wonder what the word of the week is for me? Or, perhaps, I just want circles to be your main word next week…

The Reading Residence
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  1. Ooh this is all very timely as I am keen to discover what google + is all about, and tend to my account over there! Thanks! :)
    @katgrant30 recently posted…Island HoppingMy Profile

  2. Fab word Kriss, sounds like your other #WotW could have been Productive ;-)
    MummyTries recently posted…Survival #WotW #PoCoLo #ThePromptMy Profile

  3. Firstly let me just say I love your photo. I will check this out. I dont often use google+ but maybe this is the right time to start looking into it more. #wotw
    Merlinda (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Traffic SignsMy Profile

  4. I have never understood google plus, I have accounts, but I have no real idea of what I’m actually doing, I must check it out properly, it sounds great.
    Karen Bell recently posted…EggsMy Profile

  5. Ooh, thank you for this. I’m going to come back and read all about your G+ posts later when I can take it all in properly. I really want to engage more as I keep hearing good things but I feel a bit lost with it at the moment. And isn’t Annie ace-I would love to get Photoshop (I’m hoping I can find an older copy someone might want to pass on.)
    Iona@Redpeffer recently posted…My week in one wordMy Profile

  6. Thanks for the mention – heading over to G+ now!
    Mammasaurus recently posted…47. How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

  7. The perfect word for you this week! I have so much to learn on Google+, so will be getting involved. Thanks for sharing with #WotW
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Word of the Week – 4/4/14My Profile

  8. I will certainly be joining in your linky, I’m still attempting to get the hang of Google+ :)
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…The Prompt 12My Profile

  9. I have never understood Google+…..I need to read more about it :) x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Excited….My Profile

  10. I’ll definitely join in but even with all your great tips on the Linky post I’m a bit nervous I’m going to get something wrong!
    Christine recently posted…World Pooh sticks championships, OxfordshireMy Profile

  11. Oooh, I’ll pop over now and read about your hopscotch. Goggle plus is a mystery to me! x
    Mummy Says recently posted…Massaging the feet of toddlersMy Profile

  12. I need to know more about Google+ just like lots of other bloggers out there so I’ll definitely be popping back to check it out! I love your word circles too. Its one of those great words with several meanings and I like the fact that you’ve used it in several different ways. (I think it would be a good one for The Theme Game Jocelyn & Iona if you’re reading!)
    Sam recently posted…Word of the Week: FarmingMy Profile

  13. youngonesfive reply:

    Great word and lovely photo. I don’t understand Google, even though i do have an account. :-/

  14. I’ll have to pop back tomorrow to have a read I rarely use my google plus account because I don’t really know what I’m doing!
    Lou’s Lake Views recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  15. This is such a great idea – and as you know I have already linked up! Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Quest for Health and Fitness: How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables.My Profile



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