The week that was. Project 365.

Hi! Someday I’ll say ‘the week that was’ quiet and relaxing. Sorry, can’t say that this week. But, as I rushed around on errands, or drove my kids here and there, or worked at home, I looked out for the extraordinary during those busy but ordinary days.

sag harbor street art

Like the woman in the see-through-blouse painted on the back of a local building. Why had I never noticed her before?

Sunset with geese in sky

Like the sky on fire.

On my way back home from the beach – where my kids had been taking photos themselves – the sky took my breath away. This is a real sunset, not special effects. I was driving on a back country road and found a place to pull over near a farm when I took this shot. As I stood outside the car with my camera, a flock of geese flew past filling the sky with their honks.

theo jumping karate class

Like the effort in a leap.

I love watching my son in his Karate class. One moment he has to focus. The next kick or jump.

sheep sculpture

Like the sheep in a field.

Just a normal local rural scene. With a sculpture in the background.

squirrel and birdfeeder

Like the determination of a squirrel.

Would she/he make the leap?

dinosaur and car

Like the contrast between ancient dinosaurs and a modern car.

Would they chase it? Just a scene on my local highway.

luce laughing

Like the smile on my daughter.

Always special to me.

But, that’s part of the magic of Project 365. Recording those moments each day in the week that was. Or contrasts. Or… These were mine for week 10.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead,



Please have a look at week 10 for those in Project 365 hosted by The Boy and Me.

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  1. Loved all of them. Your little girl is so adorable. Dinosaur and modern car contrast- well thought out capture!!

    Have a great week!

    MumLee recently posted…Project 365 :: Week 10My Profile

  2. Fabulous, can’t pick a favourite one this week, although I don’t think I ever manage to pick just one! The sunset is amazing, the sheep and the sculpture is a great composition and the dinosaurs made me smile :)
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Silent Sunday: 9 March 2014My Profile

  3. Thank you Sara! The sunset blew me away – I haven’t seen such an amazing one for yonkers
    Kriss recently posted…Who’s whispering about Sir Charlie Stinky Socks?My Profile

  4. what a varied collection of your week. i love the contrasting ones of the sculpture and the sheep and the dinos and the cars. i could watch squirrels for hours such productive little things.
    HPMcQ recently posted…silent sunday 09.03.14My Profile

  5. LOve all of your pictures, especailly the dinosaurs about to chase the car and the sheep eating by the sculpture!
    Kate @ Family Fever recently posted…Silent Sunday 09/03/2014My Profile

  6. oh my word you must win the a competition for this weeks eclectic photos they are all super amazing and some made me chuckle
    Helen The good life mum recently posted…March HighlightsMy Profile

  7. Fabulous photos Kriss, I love the comparisons between the animals and sculpture, old and new. That sunset is absolutely incredible, what a dramatic sky – must have been amazing to see it in the flesh as it were. Gorgeous smiley daughter photo :)
    Charly Dove recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  8. Fab pics! :)
    My favourite are the one with the sheep and the one with the dinosaurs ready to jump on cars passing by… xx
    Funky Wellies recently posted…Silent Sunday / My Sunday Photo | 9th March 2014My Profile

  9. Your dino photo is so funny and have aliens landed in the filed next to the sheep?? Great mix of excitment for you all.
    Hellie’s Corner recently posted…Silent Sunday ~ 9th March 2014My Profile

  10. They are well placed dinosaurs aren’t they!
    Angela Spicer recently posted…Project 365 – 2nd – 8th MarchMy Profile

  11. Beautiful images caught perfectly xx
    Jo Henley recently posted…Silent Sunday PictureMy Profile

  12. That first photo is so surreal especially as I needed to scroll down to see the sheep which came as such a surprise!
    Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault recently posted…Silent Sunday – March 9th 2014My Profile

  13. Beautiful pictures! The sculpture is striking next the sheep – it does look like the dinosaurs are chasing the car
    Mummy to boyz recently posted…Park lifeMy Profile

  14. WOW! That shot of the sky is amazing! Great action shot of your son too! x
    Jo Laybourn recently posted…Little Sweet Designs (Print – Review & Giveaway)My Profile

  15. Your photos are just stunning you have such a great eye for the unusual in things too, ha, sheep and a sculpture, Dino’s and cars! So funny. That sky is stunning though especially with the geese, what luck :)
    Angela recently posted…Project 365 A photo a day – Weekly update (wk10)My Profile

  16. your daughter has a beautiful smile and love her hair.
    Love the contrast between dinosaur and 4*4, and what is that red sculpture all about?
    Squirrels will get into anything – they are pests but very amusing to watch.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 – 2nd March – 8th March 2014My Profile

  17. Loving the dinosaurs stalking the car.
    Erica Price recently posted…The Tenth Week Of The YearMy Profile

  18. A fantastic set of photos for this week! The sunset picture is stunning!
    Becky Cowley recently posted…365 Project, Week #10My Profile

  19. Sheep with a giant M&M backdrop? What could be better. That one made me smile.
    And that sunset is absolutely amazing!
    Peg recently posted…365 Photo Project – February 2014My Profile



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